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Sexuality and pornography: How openly was it talked about in my past and how do I face the issues today?
A test that provides digestion and excitation for reflection

Dear parents, talking about love, sexuality and pornography is not always easy. Especially when it comes to bringing these issues with their own children. Within our "Parent's Lesson" you will find a lot of suggestions. In order to make even more use of this, it can be helpful to look at how dealing with the topics "sexuality and pornography" was in the past. Has there been an open discussion in the family or friends and acquaintances circle, or how was the handling of these topics? Our test can provide you with insight and inspiration for the further handling of these topics in your family day.

This test is based on the experience of an interdisciplinary team.

Have you spoken openly about sexuality in your family (e.g., parents, aunt, uncle, grandparents)?

Did not certain sexual issues in your family be addressed at that time?

Were you able to contact your parents or other relatives with your own sexual themes (first time, pornographic pictures, etc.

Have you seen your parents / family as open in terms of sexual issues (first time, pornographic pictures, etc.)?

Remember: How did your parents avoid it when something embarrassed or unpleasant?

Did your parents enlighten you in your youth or accompany you in the development of your sexuality?

Have you talked with friends about sex issues (first time, different practices, etc.)?

Have sexual issues (first, different practices, etc.) been addressed in the circle of friends?

Were pornographic images / videos viewed during your youth period in your circle of friends? How did you react?

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