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Girls and internet pornography, they are opposed to this topic

  • In recent debates on pornography, girls do not receive the attention of boys.
  • But the girls watch porn, of course, by using these content much less than male teenagers.
  • As a rule, they come into contact with these contents by chance, casually or non-intentionally.

Source: Jugendsexualität im Internetzeitalter

Why girls do watch porn?

Source: Jugendsexualität im Internetzeitalter

What kind of pornography is being consumed and what are its limits - what film content do they reject?

  • Girls see the contact with pornography as an everyday interning experience, but are more opposed to these content.
  • A conscious consumption of porn happens almost exclusively in the setting with other persons (girlfriends, the firm friend, etc.). A conscious sole consumption for masturbation purposes is almost never given here.
  • In contrast to boys, the view of girls, which is aesthetically beautiful pornography, is much higher than with boys. Beautiful, erotic pictures and representations stand for her in clear contrast to the shameless nakedness or directness, which is considered by them as nuttig. So-called softpornos are still considered aesthetically pleasing.
  • Like boys, they also reject childpornographical representations as well as extreme representations, e.g. with self-mutilation

Sources: Porno im Web 2.0 Jugendsexualität im Internetzeitalter

What forms of pornography do female teenagers use?

  • Solosetting, i.e. alone on the Internet or television, girls do not usually recognize pornographic content, but are surfing the Internet or zapping on television to appropriate content. Porn videos are used by girls only very rarely for masturbation purposes, since they can find in these contents rather no exciting shares. With friends in the homosocial setting to break a taboo, do something forbidden. The curiosity is to be satisfied and it is always good to know what porn can contain so everything (certain porn proficiency). Girls often trust each other to ask questions, to discuss what they have seen and to exchange their opinions about sexual knowledge. In addition, the factors of entertainment and amusement play a role (laughing together, giggling, making fun). This creates security, especially in the search for confirmation of their normality, which can be experienced by mutual rejection or common laughter.
  • In the heterosocial setting with peers of both sexes, it is mainly the guys who stimulate the consumption of pornography in this setting. The goal is to have fun, to entertain yourself or even to explore the rather unknown settings of pornography. For some girls, this is tacit tolerable, others are more active. In this setting the confirmation of one's own normality is also sought, by means of a common rejection or a joint laugh.
  • The viewing of pornography in the paessetting with the fixed friend occurs here also mostly at the suggestion of the male partner. However, it is usually carried out by the side, e.g. While zapping on the TV or surfing the Internet. For girls, porn does not count as a part of a couple relationship. Also, they find it incriminating for the relationship (boys find it exciting, girls are rather annoyed by it). Most girls prefer to keep their sexual life apart from porno.

Source: Jugendsexualität im Internetzeitalter

What clichés should girls fulfill from the boys' point of view?

  • Girls should correspond to the perfect body image of the boys (perfection pressure)
    • Girls / women should be beautiful, pretty, sexy and erotic.
    • With them, "everything has to be right" (a beautiful face, "fat tits and a great ass")
  • Possibly orientation on the body picture pornographic actresses: Shave in the intimate area or body piercings (piercing, tattoo)
  • Girls also have to keep their sexual desires under control. Sexually active girls are often referred to as "bitches" - in contrast to the boys - in the circle of young people (m / f). Girls have no physical excuse (instinct or hormones) for their sexual desire.

Sources: Porno im Web 2.0 Jugendsexualität im Internetzeitalter


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