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Boys and internet pornography, they are opposed to this topic

  • Eroticism falls under the category in male adolescents rather boring, uninteresting
  • The consumption of porn is for them no taboo topic, but is openly communicated
  • Compared to the girls, they consume pornography more frequently and more specifically
  • More than 50% of all boys consider porn as a serious source of information about sexuality

Sources: Porno im Web 2.0 Sexualität & Internet

Why do boys watch porn?

Source: Porno im Web 2.0

What pornographic content is consumed?

Mainly "normal" pornographic content. That is, pornography that:

  • excitable and suitable for masturbation
  • "Natural", "real" sex of man and woman (also resembling one's own)
  • varied and sometimes even unusual positions
  • oral sex and / or sex of two women
  • maybe a little more sophisticated, refined and daring than his own sex / his own ideas

Source: Jugendsexualität im Internetzeitalter

Where are their limits - which film content do they reject?

  • Pornography that is not exciting but bizarre, repulsive or frightening (for example sadomasochism, fisting, bondage, "gang bang", etc.)
  • Childpornography
  • Extreme representations e.g. with self-mutilation

Source: Porno im Web 2.0

What forms of pornography do male adolescents use?

Most often, boys use the solosetting (watching pornographic content at the very beginning), whereby the satisfaction by masturbation, as well as the increase and the enjoyment of excitement or pleasure are in the foreground. Followed by the homosocial setting (consumption of pornographic content with other boys) and the pairing (watching porn with the fixed girlfriend). The heterogeneous setting (to watch pornographic content together with peers, for example, parties) is rather less common.

Most boys see their first porn more with other male adolescents than alone. Together with the fact that boys at common meetings like to drive their boredom with the reputation of porn, or to fill breaks during activities. The goal is to show how casual and competent they are already in dealing with sexual - also shocking - content. But also to have fun, to make fun of it, to joke.

In addition to the common porn consume, it should also be mentioned that boys' groups interacted with one another about their opinion / experience on the subject of pornography and also their "mates" about the smartphone or similar with appropriate materials (eg, movies / streams / links / websites).

Source: Jugendsexualität im Internetzeitalter

How do boys explain their needs for the use of pornographic materials?

Boys justify their "desire" / their curiosity with the power of their impulses or hormones, which guide them. Thus, in their eyes, there is nothing "reprehensible" that they consume (more often) porn.

It is a legitimate way to satisfy their impulses.

In addition, the impulsiveness is seen as a sign of masculinity by the young people (m / w). Sexually active male adolescents are often regarded as women's heroes.

Source: Porno im Web 2.0

Young people have an expectation pressure, which is expressed as follows:

Sexual performance pressure: Boys should be able to perform at the start of their own sexual experience. The fact that they also have to learn through real experiences is not expected.

The result can be, that boys try to minimize this deficit of the actual experience by watching pornos. In doing so they should create the balancing act, the "learned" pornographic practices not bring into the own relationship or into the own bed. For porn, girls and boys do not have to look for a love affair and are seen as a sign of infidelity.

Source: Porno im Web 2.0


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