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Answers to recurring questions

10 questions x 10 answers

  • Why does my child watch porn?

    First of all, it is important to note that almost all young people are interested in sex. What is new is the availability of sexual content through the Internet.

    The motivation to look porn is quite different. It is closely related to the interest of young people in sexuality in general or / and serves the preparation of their own sexual experiences. It is dependent on age and gender and on the nature of the community. In addition, children watch and use adult pornography in order to learn about sexuality. They are anonymous. Sometimes they also use it as a help for masturbation.

  • I reject pornography generally for religious reasons. Can I represent this attitude to my child?

    Be authentic and honest in any case. This strengthens the relationship. You are well advised if your attitude does not make you feel like rejecting your child! Try it relaxed without any morals and reproaches in the ego form.

  • My son is 12 years old. I discovered porn sites on his smartphone. What can I do?"

    At the age of 12 years, it is quite normal that adolescents are curious and open pages like "YouPorn". Do not talk about it. Watch this phase, respect the privacy of your child and stay in touch. There are repetitions, refer to position, if possible without dramatization. This is best way if you ask questions. At the same time, please take seriously the desire for intimacy and privacy, because puberty is the time of the demarcation. They are usually not the desired contact partner. Explain gently that porn is not a suitable source at this age and this is also forbidden. Talk about feelings and about a relationship of affection, respect, and also desire. Your child lacks this subtle difference between real and virtual world because it has no comparison.

  • How can I protect my child?

    Keep your children age-appropriate. Filter and child protection software can greatly restrict access to porn. They did not, however, replace an argument! Information on suitable protection programs here.

  • Is it important for us as parents to know porn sites? Can you name us most used pages?

    Basically, it is good for you and the relationship with your child to know that the Internet is not a right-free space. It makes little sense to know many pornographic sites. Their structure and effect are similar to each other. For the discussion, it is helpful to call the "things" by the name. Your child will feel your interest and will quickly notice that you can not do X before the U.

    Most used pages are:

    • YouPorn
      YouPorn allows visitors to the website to upload videos without registration, which will be released within one to two days after editorial review and conversion. The page can be searched for keywords. The unlocked videos contain excerpts from commercial porn movies, commercials for pornographic sites and amateur videos. Besides the video offer, YouPorn maintains chat rooms, cam chat shows and an online dating service. YouPorn is free and is partly financed by banner advertising. Since mid-2008, a mobile version has also been available for mobile phones. Handybrowser forward automatically to the mobile side. Videos optimized for mobile phones with a length of approximately one minute and 30 seconds are offered.
    • RedTube
      RedTube is a video portal offering pornographic content. In the ranking of Alexa.com, the site occupies a place among the 100 most frequently accessed websites worldwide. The retrieval of the video material and the creation of an account are free of charge. An account can be used to upload films that are released after an editorial review.
  • What do I do if my child does not want to talk to me about it?

    Accept the desire of your child! Despite all this, you have the opportunity to express your attitude!

    Make a joint agreement that if necessary, the following possible pages on opinion formation are read or possible contact persons are contacted.

  • I am worried that my child is pornographic. Are there any warnings I can look out for?

    If you worry about your child, contact a counselor in your area. There is no diagnosis number for pornography. However, symptoms can be developed for a dependency. These symptoms are similar to behavioral disorders. Clear warnings are when:

    • if the urge is to consume pornography more often in the day and this need is difficult to control.
    • when the actions become compulsive.
    • if there are no real-world relationships.
    • when their child begins to suffer.

    If you perceive these symptoms, we recommend that you contact your family doctor or a specialist center.

    Possible facilities are:

  • Is it allowed that children and teenagers watch porn?


    According to § 184 StGB, the use and dissemination of pornography to persons under 18 years of age is prohibited.

    Anyone who makes pornography accessible to children, be it through the Internet, films or magazines, is punishable.

  • Are we as parents punishable when our child uses pornographic sites?

    The answer ist yes. Parents are responsible for their children!

  • Do I have to worry if my child is ashamed? "How is that with shame"?

    To worry about somebody is not good, not to you and also to your children. Shame is part of life. Everyone feels shame in very different shaman delights. In the case of great shame, brain functions which, for example, control speech and moral consciousness, are eliminated. The so-called "reptile brain" now accepts the announcements. As a result, your children can often not think or speak clearly when they consume or are caught by pornography; Instead, dominate physical responses such as blushing, sweating, turning the eye away etc. Their greatest goal is to escape this condition. You surely know the old saying: "sink in the ground". Therefore, you should look good, carefully and sensitively, and not shame your child. With every conversation search on sexuality, you are moving around the pubic border. That's why we have developed access aids that will not increase your as well as your child's shame.

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