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Case studies from different European countries

Sex fair
Internet pornography / Germany

A couple that has just fallen in love – Hanna and Paul – wanted to improve their sexual relationship with the help of pornography. In search of the right kick for their sex life, they made an extraordinary discovery.

Paul and Hanna are a couple just fallen in love and had slept together. It was for them the second time that they were together and they thought they need to improve their sex lives, so they watched videos online. They believed to be quiet smart.

Hanna: „Look, how long he can do this - you are much quicker!”

Paul lifted his eyebrows and says:

“Hmm … but listen the girls shout and show how much fun they have and they are not so bitchy, if a man wants to do something?!”

Hanna had enough. She got up and banged the door.

A short time later they visited a sex fair together. A pornographic actor talked about his work.

“For persistency and stableness I take a lot of pills and if I am not too good on a shooting day the scene will be shot again and the cutter will have to do the rest.”

Paul and Hanna were surprised.

„... oh the girls only shout because the producer wants them to and they even practice it before. It is just a job and shot for shot is in the script. And if they do not want to play along, they do not get any money.”

Hanna and Paul got back home thoughtfully. This was not what they had expected.

They thought about the statement of the pornographic actor and they discovered that these pornography videos were just bullshit and that these pornographic actors were no role models or shining examples because pornography had so much to do with reality as alcohol with a good atmosphere.

Hanna and Paul wanted to make their own discoveries and experiences and they did not want to be overburdened by unrealistic expectations. They suddenly knew: Real life is different!

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