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Case studies from different European countries

Heleen - „Beautiful breasts.“
Sexting / Belgium

Helen was 15 years old when she sent a picture of her breasts to a boy. What then had happened she would never had imagined …

Meine Geschichte:

It happened, when I was 15 and it had a tremendous impact on my life ...

I fell in love with a fourteen-year-old boy and I started to chat with him. It was wonderful. He was very empathetic and caring. One day he asked me to send a „sexy“ picture. He wanted to have a picture of my breasts.

I wanted to be together with this boy, and so I wanted truly to fulfill his wish. I sent him the “sexy” picture. This was the beginning of a big storm that only ended after years.

Of course I wondered if I should send him the picture with my bare breasts. But I was 15 and I thought that he would really love me and that he would love me even more if I sent him the picture. I knew him well and I never thought that he would send my picture to all his friends. But that is what he did …

A few days later when I went to school a boy drove by with his bike and suddenly he said: “Hi Heleen, can I also see your tits!” It was just terrible, I did not react and then I ran away. I felt embarrassed and betrayed. Why did he send my picture to his friends? The picture was only meant for him!

When it became apparent that the picture showing my breasts was disseminated throughout the Internet, I felt very sad and depressed. Everyone in class spoke about it and the only thing what I could do was to deny it. Fortunately my face was not to be seen. To deny was the only possibility to overcome the difficulties. But everyone knew. The picture showed the breasts of Heleen. So they went on to call on me ...

One week after this has happened my class teacher came to me. I also lied to her, when she asked me if this was me on the picture. It was embarrassing and distressing. Because I remained silent this year was a torture. But I did not want and I really could not admit, that the girl on the picture was me. I was bad enough.

Many people thought it was funny, they had fun, and they made jokes and jeered at me. If I had just said at the beginning: "Yes, these are my breasts, aren’t they beautiful?", then the situation wouldn’t have been so bad for me. But I just could not ...

So I went looking for another way to feel good again and repair my damaged reputation. I spent a lot of money on expensive clothes. I thought I could draw the attention of the others to something more interesting, which they could then talk about. Somehow it worked.

The picture seemed to be forgotten. My classmates went to the usual agenda and soon there was new gossip they were interested in. But in my heart it was difficult. For two years I was unhappy, insecure and constantly in search of my identity that I had apparently lost. And then I met my boyfriend. He lives almost fourty kilometers away, but he also said, "You're the girl in the picture."

Before I could even get embarrassed, he calmed me down and said, "You have beautiful breasts! There's really nothing you need to be ashamed of!" Through this simple statement he has helped me incredibly to accept everything!

I have written this sexting story hoping to help others who have experienced similar things. Sexting touches you deeply and the misuse of your own intimate pictures makes you feel uncomfortable. It is important to accept yourself just as you are. Stay faithful and believe that everything will be fine, although it is not easy!

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