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Filmed while having sex
Internet pornography / Romania
Timisoara, 19.04.2016 –Timis Online www.tion.ro

Due to suspicion of distributing child pornography the DIICOT investigates against an almost 18 year old student.

The Directorate for investigating organized crime and terrorism (Direcţia de investigare a Infracţiunilor de Criminalitate Organizată şi Terorism - DIICOT) raided this morning the apartment of a student from Timisoara. The nearly 18-year-old attended the 12th class of the Ana Aslan Gymnasium.

The student is under suspicion because he had entered into sexual relations with several girls aged 13 to 15 years and had filmed the sexual acts. Once one of the girls refused to continue to be sexually active with him, he was blackmailing them and even published in some cases, the recorded movies on the Internet. So far, the DIICOT has identified five victims who are willing to testify against the accused. However, the number of girls filmed during sex by the accused is significantly higher.

After the searched the house of the student, three mobile phones, two USB flash drives, memory cards and five SIM cards were seized, to continue the investigation. The police had summoned another 9 persons for interrogation in DIICOT.

The representatives of the "Timis County Police" say: "The investigation revealed that the suspect has spread since December 2015 child pornography material (photo and video files) via the Internet. At the same time he had repeatedly extorted girl. He threatened girls to publish intimate films and pictures of them on the Internet, if they would not agree to have sex with him."

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