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Answers to recurring questions regarding SEXTING

  • Why do our growing children send free pictures of themselves?

    In the time of growing up and become an adult, not only the discovery of one's own sexuality, but also one's own self-presentation as well as the effect on a counterpart plays an important role. Accordingly, young people send intimate pictures / videos of themselves with the aim of receiving a feedback from the opposite of their own body / their own presentation or also to discover their own sexuality. In addition to sending erotic photos / videos as proof of love, the flirting / "try on-line" (for example, in the chat) or the "courage test" in the circle of friends are among the most common reasons why adolescents get carried away to such pictures.

  • What is the difference between free and pornographic material?

    Free-moving / erotic pictures or even videos, such as those sent during sexting, can be for example recordings in swimwear (bikini, swimwear) or underwear. However, also nude recordings of certain body regions, e.g. Top-without-pictures belong to this.

    The difference to pornographic material is that such recordings clearly show an "unnatural sex-stressed body" or "a sexually irritating reproduction of the uncovered genitals or the naked buttocks".

    In this area, criminality also plays a major role: what recordings can I make, own, or even broadcast? Read the most important aspects on the legal background.

  • I have noticed that my child has free pictures of his girlfriend / her boyfriend on the smartphone. How can I behave? "

    To own erotic or free pictures of a friend is nothing reprehensible, as long as it does not fall into the pornographic field (see: legal aspects). Certainly, you are more interested in the fact that your child has already done this recording and sent it. Therefore, you should definitely seek out the conversation with your child and explain to him / her your concerns that you have in connection with this topic. For many young people have the consequences of such an image, As a proof of love for the partner and then after a separation as an "evil weapon" can be used, not at all in the view:

    • The admission is spread out in the circle of friends or even beyond (the margin of pubis is exceeded).
    • The person is mocked (e.g., cyber mobbing).
    • The person is blackmailed (for example, if no more shots follow, the picture will be published).

    According to current studies, girls rather than boys have discovered the "sexting" for themselves and can therefore also be affected by the aforementioned unpleasant consequences of this "action".

    They often regret this step and wished they had not done it. Perhaps it is also your child so and it is glad to be able to talk about it.

  • I want to keep my child from sending such pictures, does it?

    A hundred percent security that your child will never send an intimate shot can not exist in this day and age. It is important that your child learns how quickly and extensively a single image can be spread not only in the city where it lives, but also throughout the county, entire country and even the most distant countries of the world.

    We will gladly give the example with the photos, which have still been made with the camera, developed and then sent by mail to the partner who, for example, In another city, had to be sent. How long it took and how many people could ever get to know about this picture. And then look together as it can be today.

  • What do I do if my child does not want to talk to me about it?

    Accept the desire of your child! Despite all this, you have the opportunity to express your attitude! And show your child that it can come to you at any time, if there are still questions on the topic.

    It is also important that you give advice to your child, where information and / or possible contact persons can be found.

    Some examples are:

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