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Case studies from different European countries

  • Geschichte

    My "friend" Ben

    It is an episode that will encourage you to think about what it means to have a friend. What is a friend? What does friendship mean? What is trust? Are all of my Facebook-friends, friends I can trust?

  • Geschichte

    “You have nothing to hide!”

    This story is about Yvonne, who fully trusts her close friend Julia. This is especially about a private photo that has been published on the Internet.

  • Geschichte

    Heleen - „Beautiful breasts.“

    The story is about Heleen, a 15 year old girl, who was asked to send private pictures to a boy she met on the Internet. The images were published on the Internet.

  • Dialog

    Sex fair

    This dialogue on Internet pornography shows that reality and virtuality are different. The Internet and films often lead to unrealistic expectations.

  • Comic

    Ein Bild mit Folgen

    The comic “A picture with consequences” is about a young girl, who plays a typical girl game on the Internet and is supposedly chatting regularly with another girl. It shows how easy it is to violate the privacy of a person.

  • Fallbeispiel

    Filmed while having sex

    This case study shows how the trust of minors was abused and private images were spread on the Internet.

  • Fallbeispiel


    Ženeta, a 15 year old girl from Czech Republic, got to know a friend through an online community who abused her trust. The close relationship became a nightmare.

  • Fallbeispiel

    A father reports

    In this case study a father reports how nude photos of his 6-year-old son were published on the Internet.

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